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There are many ways in which to engage children when it comes to books, games, puzzles and toys both in the traditional formats and online. However the games are structured or formatted they always have one thing in common and that is that they use a theme to engage a child.

For toddlers and pre-school children there are many popular themes that have stood the test of time. From princesses and dolls to cars and dinosaurs the theme is key to ensure that you will at least attract the child’s attention in the first place. Once you have captured their imagination they will be lost in their play world discovering new challenges and experiences.

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Popular themes that have stood the test of time are robots and dinosaurs. Kids are thrilled by robots that walk, talk, obey commands and carry out day to day tasks. From the simple to the sublime they love robots in their various formats. It’s the same with dinosaurs. From the diplodicus to the T-Rex there are many stories, films, children’s programmes animated films and fictional characters that kids have taken to their hearts. Playing with model dinosaurs, acting out scenes, roaring like a T-Rex or talking like a robot are all things that you will find children doing whilst they play.

Technology changes, the themes remain the same

With such an advancement in technology the way that children play may be evolving but the themes will remain the same. Whether its planes, trains and automobiles or robots and dinosaurs there will always be the same classic favourites that allow a child to use their imagination and get lost in a play world. Our games, robotsndinosaurs, are designed to engage children and give them hours of fun with a huge range of online apps designed specifically for kids. Now instead of getting bored playing with the same box of toys they have unlimited access to a world of games online.

Learning through play

Not only are our puzzle games for kids designed to entertain children and give them hours of fun but they are also designed to help a child learn. With My First Wood Puzzles:Dinosaurs they can complete puzzles on a smartphone or tablet. These games are designed to test their logic and focus skills helping them to improve these vital skills. The puzzles are bright and colourful and the different shapes are designed to be logical yet not too difficult.
The puzzles which start off small are designed to be completed in a certain order so that they have to not only decide where the various pieces go but which order they should be placed in. As ever with our games we colour co-ordinate themes, set goals for the child to complete and progress and help them to learn as they play. We want them to enjoy their experience not get frustrated because the games are too easy or perhaps too hard.

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More Jigsaw Puzzles

Apps to suit all skill levels

Whether you have a small toddler or an older child that is in the first year or 2 of school there is something to suit all. Most of our apps start off at a very basic level so they start off simple and get more challenging as you tick off each level. There are apps that are specifically designed for younger children and those that will be more challenging and stimulating for older children.

A huge choice of puzzle games

Sometimes children can get bored – once they get bored, as parents, you tend to know it very quickly! Once they are bored the time goes even slower which can be a pain when you are stuck in traffic, waiting in a doctor’s surgery or waiting for a delayed plane. With apps available at the swipe of a screen you can simply download something from our extensive range and let your child be entertained whilst being educated. Once they have played one app – if they have time for another you can simply download one. If you are offline they can play with the apps whenever or wherever you are. 
What are you waiting for? If you want games to entertain and educate your child enabling them to learn while they play check out our range of apps now.

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